"Foil of Kazan"



FIE World Cup in Women’s Foil, Individual and Teams


21-23 February 2020


Kazan Gymnastics Center (Russia, Syrtlanova St., 6, Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan, 420138).


Every competitor is required to be licensed for the 2019-2020 season. No fencer is allowed to take part in an official event of the FIE unless he or she is at least 13 years old on 1 January in the year of the competition.
Entries of fencers, teams and referees can only be made at the FIE website, www.fie.org, respecting the deadlines specified in the FIE Rules (cf. o.54)..

Entry Fee

Individual competition: EUR 60. Team competition: EUR 400.
The entry fee is to be paid at registration before the start of the competition.


Individual competitions
One qualifying round of pools, a preliminary direct elimination table, a main direct elimination table of 64 fencers to qualify for a final by direct elimination.
Team competitions
Integral direct elimination with a direct elimination table which may be incomplete. All places in the table up to 16th place will be fought for. From 17th place onwards teams will be classified, within each round of the table, according to their initial place in the table. The first four teams will be placed in the direct elimination table according to the current official team ranking of the FIE (cf. o.86); the remaining ranked teams will be placed in the table by drawing of lots in pairs. The teams that are not classified will occupy the last places in the table, and will be separated by drawing of lots (cf. o.42-o.47).


The referees are designated by the FIE and delegations will not have to provide any referees.


Doping control will be done according to FIE rules.

Schedule of the Competition


14.00-18.00 weapon control


08.00 weapon control

10.00-11.00 call

11.00 start of preliminary tour


09.00-18.00 weapon control

09.00-10.00 call

10.00 table 64

17.00 opening ceremony

17.30 finals


09.00-17.00 weapon control

09.00 start of team competition

17.00 final


Most nations in the world require a visa to visit Russia.
We are pleased to inform you that the Russian Foreign Ministry has approved a special facilitated visa procedure for all categories of participants of the 2020 International Fencing Tournament, i.e.:
● athletes,
● members of the official delegations,
● international technical officials (referees),
● FIE Family members and official guests,
● as well as media representatives.
All the Russian Consulates throughout the world have been notified of the above procedure. According to it the visas are to be issued on a priority basis, i.e. within three days from the date of application (or on the same day if necessary) at any Russian Consulate regardless of citizenship.

According to this procedure, you are to make a request for the visa support on the official paper of your National Federation signed by the President or the General Secretary.

At the same time you have to complete the below visa template with the personal passport information of the members of your delegations

Information required for the visa invitation

Full name as in passport Date of birth Gender Citizenship Passport number Expiry date Status during the event City of visa application Contact, fax, tel, email

Please, complete this form using Excel format and send these documents to Ms. Maria Sinyavskaya:

In compliance with the provided official request and personal data a scanned formal invitation letter will be issued & e-mailed back to you. It is to be taken to the nearest Russian Consulate along with your corresponding personal documents such as the passport, the necessary number of pictures, completed application form, etc. in person or by a representative. Some consulates of the Russian Federation accept postal applications. Though there is a number of consulates, where personal attendance is required for fingerprints. All details are to be checked on the consular website in advance.

Please be advised that you are to deal with the Consulate or its authorized Visa Handling Centre directly without applying to any intermediate visa or tourist companies. 

As the above visa procedure is exceptional, please make sure you mention that you are applying for the Russian visa to attend the 2020 International Fencing Tournament. 

All the requests for the visa support must be sent to foilkazan2020@gmail.com no later than February the 10th

Visa file




Korston 5 ***** 
89, 420061 Ershova str., 1, Kazan, Russia
Tel: +7 843 279-33-00

All room prices include breakfast, wi-fi and access to the fitness center.

- Deluxe Double

- Deluxe Twin 

100 euro (1 person)

125 euro (2 persons)

Grand Hotel Kazan 4**** 
420111 Peterburgskaya str., 1, Kazan, Russia
Tel: +7 843 221-10-00

All room prices include breakfast, wi-fi and access to the fitness center.

- King

- Twin

- Junior suit King Panorama

70 euro (1 person)

90 euro (2 persons)

110 euro (2 persons)

Regina on Peterburgskaya 3***
420111 Peterburgskaya str., 11, Kazan, Russia
Tel: +7 843 292-76-02

All room prices include breakfast and wi-fi.

- Standard twin

- Standard twin +

- Standard twin

- Standard twin +

55 euro (1 person)

65 euro (1 person)

65 euro (2 persons)

80 euro (2 persons)

Please return the form below until: 

- 25 January 2020

and send it to the accommodation organisers by e-mail accommodation@dspkazan.com

Each Member Association will receive an invoice prior to the event This invoice must be paid via bank transfer before the 01 February 2020
On cancellation until the 01 February 2020 – no penalties are charged
On cancellation after 01 February 2020 the amount of 100 (hundred) % from total accommodation nights for each cancelled room is charged

Accomodation file
The requests for transfer are to be done through completing the application form:

ARRIVAL: https://forms.gle/heuZZXGus6nEQvws8
DEPARTURE: https://forms.gle/BMD8srxr52r4ShEF6


PRICES (one way)

 1-3 persons  € 35 per each one
 4-5 persons  € 30 per each one
 6-10 persons     € 25 per each one

The payment is only in cash at the venue.

Live results

Individual competition, all bouts (T64-final)

Team competition


Table 64 Individual


Preliminary tour